Shenzhen Rijinda Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in September 2003. Its development philosophy is to develop international trade and lead the consumer trend in the electronic industry. Since 2003, enterprises have developed new materials and technologies in many industries. In the future, the company will develop into a service platform for the application and promotion of new materials and technologies. It will provide a cooperation platform for the major outstanding material manufacturers and partners, as well as thousands of miles to maximize the value of products and give full play to the abilities of the elites.

Development history

1. Shenzhen Rijinda Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in September 2003.
2. BYD qualified suppliers in 2006
3. Formal cooperation with OPPOC in 2007
4. Together with Nokia, AT&T completed a very difficult project in 2008.
5. In 2011, TPK became the largest manufacturer of touch screen in the world.
6. The 10th Anniversary of Rijin in Shenzhen in 2013
7. In 2014, Jinda passed the ISO9000 quality management system.
8. Sales to 90 million RMB in 2014
Dongguan Rijinde New Materials and Technologies Co., Ltd. was founded in September 2017
10. After the establishment of Rijinde in Dongguan in 2017, it became the main core supplier of Casio in Japan.
11.2018 is the world's four major brands AKG OEM Receiving Ceramic Headphones