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Carbon Fiber Watch Accessories

Carbon fibers originate from high-tech materials and are well-known. It is widely used because it fits well with high-end clocks and watches. Watch parts made of carbon fibers are not only light in weight, but also excellent in mechanical wear resistance and compression resistance. Because of the unique weaving texture, the products all reflect the unique beauty. In addition, forged carbon fibers will also show an irregular pattern and unique texture, highlighting personal exclusiveness.


Carbon Fiber Mobile Phone

The world's first carbon fiber mobile phone was launched in Dubai in 2016. Its chassis was built by Rijin Deutsche.


Application of Carbon Fiber in Automotive Industry

Rijin Deutsche Carbon Fiber Composite Products have been widely used in automobiles due to their rich variety of styles, superior material characteristics and low application costs.

Carbon Fiber UAV

Carbon fiber has been the first choice for UAV fuselage, paddle blade, bracket and other components because of its light material, strong hardness and good weatherability.