Glass Back Cover of Smart Phone--Explosion-proof Film for Printing of 2D and 3D Glass

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Successful case: In 2016, LG mobile K7 used the print explosion-proof film we provided.

          In 2018, Lenovo used colored explosion-proof film, which has been mass-produced.

Project 2018:

▲NFDL, the world's thinnest exclusive agent of explosion-proof film - Huawei, Samsung, etc. are being tested and verified;

▲Gradual color explosion-proof film (the second mass-produced film in the world) - Huawei and Vivo projects in progress

▲Coloured explosion-proof film - - - Huawei, Vivo, Moto projects are under way;

▲Conventional explosion-proof film - - - using explosion-proof film more suitable for 3D rear cover glass bonding;

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